About Us

Connected Pets, LLC

Connected Pets provides families a wide range of reliable services for their pet(s) while the family is away from the home. We care for the pet(s) in the comfort of their own home, eliminating the stress and anxiety seen in animals when placed in an unfamiliar environment, such as a typical kennel or boarding facility. We also utilize electronic photo/video updates, mobile apps, and 24/7 live webcam feeds to give clients a sense a connection and presence with their pet(s), even when away from their homes for extended periods of time. 

Connected Pets mission is not only to give quality, personalized care to the furry/scaly/feathery family members staying at home, but also provide peace of mind that the home and pet(s) are safe. This is accomplished through home security checks that are performed at the start of each service.

Connected Pets is bonded and insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas.



Dustin Kretschmar

I live in Mauldin, SC with my wife (Andrea), 2 dogs (Sabby and Chase), and cat (Luna). I worked as a law enforcement officer for 10 years before deciding to change career paths and create the pet sitting service Connected Pets. Over my lifetime, I have cared for dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, fish, guinea pigs, frogs, snakes, and turtles. This passion has carried over into Connected Pets and I use the lifetime of experience with animals, as well as the 10 years of working experience in law enforcement, to give each client peace of mind that both pet(s) and home are in good hands.

Dustin is a member of Pet Sitters International and certified in pet first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross.


Taylor Deal

I am an animal lover and dog mom to Jersey and Grigsby as well as cat mom to my "first" pet Minnie. I grew up surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes. I have experience working in veterinary care and grooming. As a previous employee at a veterinary office I was able to gain knowledge about emergencies, administering medication, grooming of the nails, ears, teeth and coat. Animals have always brought me so much joy and I look forward to meeting your pup and providing excellent care while you are away!

Taylor is certified in pet first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross.


Gillian Anderton

This is me and my fur baby, Kitty. She's an older lady now but still loves to play like a kitten. To put it simply, I love animals. I believe our job is so important because pets are family, and deserve the best care while you are away! When I'm not chasing my toddler or walking a dog, you can find me curled up under a blanket with Netflix and a cup of tea.

Gillian is certified in pet first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross.


Allyson Roller

I am a cat mom to my fur babies, Callie and Skye. I absolutely love animals and have had dogs and other pets my whole life. I work in law enforcement and love seeing and playing with the different animals during my job. I recently moved from Indiana and miss my dogs back home, so I love being able to spend time and playing with any dog I can.  I look forward to meeting your pets and giving them attention while you are away. I hope I can give you peace of mind that your fur babies are in good hands while I'm there.

Allyson is certified in pet first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross.


Jen Laws

From one pet lover to another, I think at times I love animals more than people! Don’t tell my teenagers though! I have 2 of them (13 & 15), a loving husband, and 2 of the most awesome dogs! Full disclosure...I’m a foster FAILURE, our sweet Sadie ( a deaf cocker spaniel) was only supposed to stay 2 weeks...it’s been 3 years. With that in mind, I hope to spoil your pets while you’re away, whether it’s just for the day or a week. Belly rubs and snuggles are in their future.

As a registered nurse I’ve been caring for humans for 20 years, and I can’t wait to care for your furry family. 

Jen is certified in pet first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross.


Jo Davis

Animals find us exactly when we need them and fill our lives with joy.  Here I am with my dog Jackson in the St. Croix airport  - unexpectedly bringing him home from a beach where he found me over Christmas vacation. My weekdays are filled with teaching middle school robotics classes which, as you can imagine, keep me very busy! When I’m not working you can find me hiking with my husband Eric and our two amazing pups (one sweet golden retriever and one crazy potcake), gardening, knitting, practicing yoga, traveling, or doing just about anything outside.   I am originally from Pennsylvania. My husband and I along with our four fur kids (we have two kitties too!) moved to Greenville in the fall because we wanted to live where we can spend more time outside without freezing.  I love getting to know animals’ funny personalities and unique, charming characteristics.  I can’t wait to spend some time with your fur babies - I’m guaranteed to fall in love with them.

Jo is certified in pet first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross.


Eric Davis

I am currently blessed with four lovable critters, two dogs and two cats. As you may be able to tell, my wife (also a Connected Pets sitter) and I are animal lovers through and through. We spend our time outdoors hiking, biking, doing yoga, going to the beach with our dogs, and anything else to just enjoy life. We’ve rescued more than a few in the past few years and love the opportunity to spend time with your furry family members! I believe each and every animal should be treated with care, love, and respect regardless of whose home they are in. 

Eric is certified in pet first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross.


Bonny Ilisie

I was born with a huge love and passion for every creature great or small! My father is a veterinarian and my mother was a zookeeper, so it’s in my genes! I’ve worked in veterinary medicine for over 25 years, as well as managing local pet resorts, providing care/rehabilitation for wildlife, foster care and pet sitting. I’m currently employed at a Veterinary Emergency Center and owned by 3 dogs, 6 cats, 1 dove, a turtle and two amazing teenagers! I believe there is nothing better than sitting on the floor playing with kitties or snuggling with pooches! I look forward to providing you with a piece of mind that your pets will be well loved and spoiled just like a member of my own family! 

Bonny is certified in pet first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross.


Erika Carl

  Hi! My name is Erika. My husband and I have called Greenville home for the past 15 years. We have raised two amazing boys and three beautiful golden retrievers together. For the past 18 years I have worked as a diagnostic medical sonographer. Ultrasounds have been my passion! But life is short...I cannot ignore my passion for animals. Compassionate, trustworthy, and reliable have been my strongest assets. I have been a pet sitter for the past two years with great success! Happy clients as well as personal growth is all I have wished for! It would truly be my pleasure to care for your fur babies! I look forward to meeting your family!

Erika is certified in pet first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross.


Jonathan Wilson

I am an animal lover and pet owner. Over a few decades, I have owned and trained several pets. Keeping animals safe and happy is my goal. My job is to keep you well informed and keep your pet excited about the time I am with them. Getting them outside for a walk, rubbing their bellies and much more are ways I connect with your animal. Whether I am with your pet for minutes, hours or days does not change the amount of love I give them. They should be briefly sad you’re gone, happy I am there, and overjoyed to see you when you return. 

Jonathan is certified in pet first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross.


Briana Sullivan

Hello! My name is Briana Sullivan. I have been an animal lover my entire life and have been working with them since I was 10 years old. I started at my dad's animal hospital in NY as an assistant and also did pet sitting for family and friends. Fast forward to today, I am a vet tech at Banfield and have fur babies of my own! A horse named Sabi who I love trail riding, a dog called Bailie who loves hiking and anything outdoors, and a cat named Mufasa who loves snuggles.

Briana is certified in pet first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross.